Town Topics: “Escondido Creek Parkway project making headway!”

Town Topics: “Escondido Creek Parkway project making headway!”
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The San Antonio River Authority and many of our community members have been hard at work making way for the Escondido Creek Parkway project. After years of anticipation, the Escondido Creek project is underway and making progress! The Escondido Creek project will span from 5th Street to Joe Gulley Park and will feature a walking trail, hike and bike trails leading under Highway 181, a playground, picnic units, a pavilion and much more. Many of these features will benefit all members of the community, including children who will not only have a safe walking path that will allow them to cross under highway 181, but will have a well maintained area to play and ride their bikes.

When entering Kenedy, tourists and locals alike will be treated to a beautiful view of the bridge, Escondido Creek water features and fresh greenery. With highway 181 passing directly over Escondido Creek Park, travelers will be able to stop for rest, a picnic lunch or just to take the opportunity to look at the park. Escondido Creek will leave a lasting impression on those passing through and will be the face of Kenedy by providing locals with a sense of pride towards their city and the new addition to the park.

In light of this progress, The Kenedy Chamber of Commerce would like to show our support for the community project that will increase tourism and will give locals a place to congregate, play and celebrate. The Kenedy Chamber will be making a monetary donation to assist with the progression of the Escondido Creek project and we encourage our community to become involved and educated regarding this project. Lastly, we would like to take a moment to thank the San Antonio River Authority and the local driving forces behind the Escondido Creek Parkway. Your hard work and persistence will provide Kenedy with a renewed sense of pride and a beautiful green space for all of Karnes County to enjoy.

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