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Karnes County Market Days Vendor Guidelines


In order to ensure the integrity of our Market Days, the Karnes City & Kenedy Chamber of Commerce has adopted Vendor Guidelines for Market Days. All vendors participating in the show agree to abide by the

Vendor Guidelines as set forth below. Vendors not following these guidelines may be excluded from participating in future shows.


  • DESCRIPTION OF ITEMS TO BE SOLD: In order to ensure a good mix of merchandise, vendors selling the same or similar merchandise will be limited. List the description of items to be sold on the application. You may send or email a photo sample of items to or For example, this could be antiques, jewelry, barnwood crafts, live plants, art, clothing, produce, etc. Vendors will only be allowed to sell items listed on the application unless prior approval has been received from the Chamber of Commerce staff.


  • VENDOR SELECTION: Vendor applications will be accepted based on merchandise to be sold,

receipt of a signed and complete application form and receipt of payment. All applications will

be considered on a “First-Come, First-Served” basis. Vendor selection will be limited at the discretion

of the Chamber of Commerce staff. This will help ensure that a range of price and variety of             merchandise is offered along with a good ratio of unique handmade art and handcrafted items.             Preference will be given to vendors who have items on hand for sale during Market Days. If your             application is not accepted, you will be notified no later than five days after your application is   received.


  • PRODUCT LIMITS: Fireworks or explosives of any kind may not be possessed or sold.  Alcoholic beverages of any kind may not be possessed or sold. No animal sales of any kind are allowed.  Market Days officials reserve the right to remove any item judged unacceptable. The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to limit the number of spaces of the same product. A photograph of your items must be included with your Application for Market Days, for approval. There are no sales of animals in any form at Market Days.


  • SALES TAX NUMBERS: The State Comptroller of Public Accounts requires you to have a sales tax number and to pay sales tax. (The tax rate in Kenedy is currently 8.25 %.) Be sure to include your number on the application and a copy of your permit for our files. If you have any questions about sales tax, call the Texas State Comptroller at 800-252-5555 or visit their website at



The Texas Department of Health requires food vendors to obtain permits. A food vendor will not be allowed to set up without the proper permit. Original permits must be displayed in the vendor’s space. Please provide the Chamber office with a copy for our files. Vendors with temporary food licenses must bring the original permit to the Chamber office on the day of or prior to the show and we will make a copy of the permit for our files. To inquire about food permits, requirements or exceptions call the Texas Department of Health at 512-834-6626 or visit their website at

Non-Profit organizations do not require food permits if a 501 is filed with the IRS however they do have to follow the Food Safety Program listed on the above website.



  • FARMER’S MARKET FEE $10: for a 10’ x 10’ booth space with no electric


  • MARKET DAY VENDOR FEE $25: for a 10’ x 10’ booth space with no electric


  • COMBINATION OF FARMER’S MARKET VENDOR AND MARKET DAY VENDOR $25: for a 10’x10” booth space with no electricity.


  • PAYMENT: The payment must be paid in full in order to reserve a booth. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


  • Check or money order must be payable to Karnes County Market Days.


  • CHECK IN: Vendors MUST check in by 8:00 a.m. and must be set up by 8:30 a.m. the morning of.


  • VENDOR SET-UP: Vendor agrees to provide own tables, chairs, tent, canopy and necessary

equipment and be responsible for booth operations. No stakes will be allowed in the ground or on the

street.  Vendors must stay within the space assigned and are guaranteed a 10’ x 10’ space unless             specifically indicated. Vendors will receive a confirmation email or phone call at least one-week prior to             each show.  Absolutely no vehicles are allowed in the area during operating hours.


  • VENDOR TEARDOWN: Vendor agrees to remove all items from the area. All trash,

including empty boxes and packing materials, must be removed from the property. The area must be

left in the same condition that it was found.


  • INSURANCE/HOLD HARMLESS: Vendor releases and holds harmless the Karnes City & Kenedy Chamber of Commerce and vendor acknowledges that is not responsible for loss or damage or for any personal injuries to booth workers.


  • CANCELLATION: If the event is cancelled due to bad weather or any other catastrophic occurrence a 50% refund of your payment will be granted.


  • VENDOR PARKING: Vendors are required to park in the employee paved parking lot as to not take up visitor space for the event. Under no circumstances can a vendor park on Hospital grass area but remain on paved areas.



Karnes City Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 55

Karnes City, Texas 78118



Kenedy Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 570

Kenedy, TX 78119



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