Town Topics: “Get on the Map”

The Kenedy Chamber of Commerce and Karnes Countywide are thrilled to announce their collaboration to create new maps for the county. Ad space is available at very competitive prices, so save your space now! A 3×2” business card ad space will be $150, and a double sized 3×4” ad space is $275. Additional benefits include receiving 25 maps for personal use, 25,000 maps will be distributed in the newspaper July 2015, and 2,500 maps will be given to the chamber for disbursement. Maps are the #1 inquiry of those who walk into the Chamber on a day-to-day basis. With the influx of newcomers, maps are a vital part of the Chamber and the Kenedy community. Take this opportunity to publicize your business in the best way possible! Contact Karnes Countywide Advertising Sales Representative, Laurie Scribellito, at 361.676.5256 or the Kenedy Chamber of Commerce at 830.583.3223 to reserve your ad space today!


 Karnes Map Pricing

Chamber Map Order Form

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